Episode 0

Teaser: Welcome to A Bob Dylan Primer

4:22 Minutes

A short intro about what is happening with this series of broadcasts – launching in January 2019. It’s rolling, Bob.

Episode 1

A Thousand Miles From Home

19:58 Minutes

Before television, a boy was born in springtime Minnesota. 25 years later he was the most beloved, and most reviled – pop star on the planet.

Episode 2

The Voice of a Generation

19:38 Minutes

Once, a single song could change the world. In 1963, a 22-year-old kid wrote a song called Blowin’ In The Wind … and it changed the world.

Episode 3

The First Rock Star

19:39 Minutes

What does it mean to be a “rock star?” Attitude? Swagger? Shades? Can a folk singer turn into a rock star? Let’s find out –

Episode 4

1966, I Don’t Believe You

27:08 Minutes

Imagine you’ve bought a ticket to see your favorite artist in concert. Imagine then that you’re horrified at what that artist plays – would you consider them a traitor? Would you call them Judas?

Episode 5

Basement Medicine

20:13 Minutes

“Live fast, die young” is the mantra of many a dead rock star – but what happens if you live fast, and survive? Maybe that’s the toughest test of all.

Episode 6

Country Pie

21:09 Minutes

In 1969, America is coming apart at the seams. Rock music is exploding into densely complex forms. Bob Dylan releases an album of pure … country music

Episode 7

What’s New?

23:59 Minutes

The sixties are ending, long live the sixties. How does the single most iconic performer leave the decade that defined him and move in the 1970s? Find out in Episode 7 of A Bob Dylan...

Episode 10

A Voice in the Wilderness

27:41 Minutes

Twenty years into his career, Bob Dylan unleashes his most shocking transformation

Episode 11

Synthesizer Dylan

33:24 Minutes

Few who lived through the nineteen-eighties would claim the decade as their greatest era. Dylan is no exception.

Episode 12

Beginning the Next Beginning

26:02 Minutes

Dylan somehow stops his creative slide at the end of the 1980s and turns it all around, again.

Episode 13

Time is in the Mind

31:16 Minutes

Never a dull moment for Mr. D, he contracts a serious infection of the heart, sings for the Pope, and releases his strongest album in 20 years.

Episode 14

Modern Times, Olden Times

35:38 Minutes

40 years after showing up in New York, Dylan propels himself headfirst into the 21st century with a quartet of ferociously strong albums and a sweet book that tells more than the most telling tell-all.

Episode 16

Nothing but Affection

59:22 Minutes

A small departure, this episode traces my personal journey with Dylan’s work and music. Highlights include watching Dylan’s house get built in Malibu, seeing The Last Waltz in person, getting the weakest handshake of all...
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