“It’s not a question of breaking the rules, don’t you understand? I don’t break the rules, because I don’t see any rules to break. As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t any rules.”
– Bob Dylan


A Bob Dylan Primer is a series of broadcasts dedicated to the work and life of Bob Dylan. The first season consists of 12 episodes, appearing approximately once a month, and covering the time period from Dylan’s youth in Minnesota and early days in New York City up to the release of Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind in 1997. I’ve attempted to combine a detailed account of Dylan’s life with my own personal observations about Dylan’s creative output and place in our world. It’s my hope that A Bob Dylan Primer will be embraced by a wide range of people, from Dylan fanatics to those who are just trying to understand what all the fuss might be about.


Michael Hacker is a filmmaker, photographer and writer. He was raised in Los Angeles and lives there now, having spent long stints in San Francisco, Montana and Austria. He’s been listening to Dylan on repeat – and shuffle – since about the age of eleven.


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